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This brilliant idea of Zoe Strnad is the cure for disorganized gear. The SpeedRack is a convenient little sling that comfortably holds more that 20 draws, in addition to your full belay package. The SpeedRack is great for any amount of gear, odds and ends to an entire rack, gym or sports package. Say "goodbye" to the tangled and knotted up old sling. The rigid but flexible handle makes it easy to grab and easier to hang. Clipping & unclipping your gear is done in a flash with the rigid vinyl coat. Adjustable buckle allows more space to accommodate more gear. Prevent lost gear, keep your stuff organized, buy a SpeedRack.


66 sick color combos
  • Have it match your sports team, your quickdraws, or your bedspread
  • Weight: 2.8 oz.
  • As light as 2 or 3 carabiners
  • Adjustable Length
  • Steel buckle provides adjustability to accommodate more or less gear
  • Size: 24" - 27 1/2" (Inner Diameter)
  • Will accomodate a full rack of cams
  • (or) All your gym gear (including shoes and harness)
  • (or) A full rack of draws plus lockers and belay device
  • Rigid Gear Loop
  • Easy clipping & unclipping with no pesky gear hang-ups
  • Capacity: 1 full rack
  • Comfortably holds 1 full racks of cams or draws

  • SPEEDRACK | $23.00 | ONE-SIZE | 2.8 oz.