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RazorBack Sling

(Neon Blue/Purple)


(Neon Green/Purple)

(Blue/Neon Pink)

(Green/Black [Double Loop Style])

(Neon Orange/Teal)

(Neon Green/Neon Orange)


Some of the many colors available.

While climbing at the NRG one day, I was confronted with a problem. I wanted a second sling without the heavy and overbuilt full-body-harness feel. The RazorBack was the solution. The major sling (looped or not) can accommodate more than a full rack of gear while the second sling serves a combined quantity of nearly 3 racks. The RazorBack comes with open end buckles (similar to most crash pads) on the 2nd sling to allow for easy removal of the second sling without disassembly. Both sling loops are adjustable to accommodate one-size-fits-all. Like other NEON products, the RazorBack is available in hundreds of color schemes. Simplify your rack with a RazorBack Sling.


Thousands of rad color combos
  • Match your sports team, your quickdraws, or your kitchen
  • Weight: 7 oz.
  • Light and simple
  • Adjustable Length
  • Steel buckle provides adjustability for a one-size fits-all
  • Size: 38" - 46" (Inner Diameter)
  • 2-3 full trad racks
  • Rigid Gear Loop
  • Easy clipping/unclipping with no frustrating gear hang-ups
  • Removable Gear Loops
  • Open buckles make it easy to remove the 2nd gear loop
  • Capacity: 2-3 racks
  • This double looped sling organizes 2-3 full racks, maybe more

  • RAZORBACK SLING | $40.00 | ONE-SIZE | 7 oz.