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FlexFit Hats


(Fresh Green)

(Dark Blue)



(Carolina Blue)

(Royal Blue Trucker)

(Red Trucker)

(Dark Blue Trucker)

(Pink Trucker)

(Back - Trucker Style

Some of the many colors available.

Hats are great. They can keep the sun from you eyes and the protect the scalp from the sun. They flatten your hair and hide its absence. If you need to look inconspicuous or you need a place to loose your sunglasses, a hat will accommodate. Those plastic snappy things on the old school truckers will eventually break, that's why I prefer the fitted kind. These ones fit right but not too tight. Flexfits hug your noodle but not to death. They conform to your shape the brim and the size. Available in a variety of sizes and a variety of colors, these hats will please. If you don't see a color you appreciate, let me know, id be happy to make a special order for you.

Sweet colors
  • Available in many different colors, more available with special order.
  • Weight: ?
  • Why would you care how much a hat weighs? Thats weird.
  • Plastic brim
  • Sweet plastic brim that will conform and maintain the shape you desire.
  • Elastic band
  • High grade elastic that will last a very long time.
  • Capacity:
  • You can probably hide a few bills behind the elastic band... If your into that sorta thing.
  • Trucker Style
  • Available in a bunch of supasweet colors, not all of em but a bunch of em.

  • FLEXFIT HAT | $23.00 | EX-S , S/M , L/XL | 4.0 oz.

    FLEXFIT TRUCKER HAT | $23.00 | ONE-SIZE | 4.0 oz.